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                Our mission: Committed to making high quality anchors

                Our vision: Make KUCHOR a symbol of excellence through effective and operational excellence

                Our values: to focus on our business and bring unique value to our customers

                Social Commitment: Cully strives to support several core aspects of social responsibility commitment: environment, health, human services, rejuvenation and diversity. Since its inception, we have learned that “happy work” has been Believe in the concept and support for the company's management

                Kuchor Precision, quality first

                We focus on the production of links: the pursuit of continuous improvement, strengthen the quality management system, focus on personnel management, focus on refined production

                We focus on process control: from raw material inspection, process inspection, shipment inspection, laboratory data monitoring, to provide customers with every product they can rest assured

                We focus on safety first: we collect product safety data for each batch and continuously improve our products. In order to ensure the interests of our customers, we are determined not to make defective products. We insist on technological innovation and continuously improve product quality.



                Contact: Mr. Peng

                Mobile: 139 1629 2528

                Mail box:info@kuchor.com


                Add:No. 188, Luxin Road, Taicang City